Gorokhovsky Eduard

 For me, the picture is a plastic object. My work is the work of the master craftsman: to fulfill the given, plastic task according to my aesthetic view, using the aid of my own method to the very limits of my ability."


Eduard Semyonovich Gorokhovsky was born in Vinnytsia (Ukraine). In 1973 he moved to Moscow and met the “Sretensky Boulevard” artist circle (I. Kabakov, V. Pivovarov, E. Bulatov and others.), who exerted enormous influence on Gorokhovsky’s later creative journeys. As one of the first nonconformist artists, Gorkhovsky began to use photographs as the basis for his paintings. The artist reproduced old photographic portraits, into which he inserts texts, geometric figures and so on. In his famous 1990 work “Stalin-Lenin”, Gorokhovsky recreates the famous photograph of Stalin of the 1930s from several dozen copies of less well-known photographs of Lenin from the 1920s, simultaneously highlighting the unity of consciousness and ideology of the communist leaders.

The artist's work can be found in the following museums and collections:
Kolodzei Art Foundation
Shared Apartment
Contemporary Art Museum
New Museum