“Vladimir Nemukhin: Facets of Formalism. Lydia Masterkova: Lyrical Abstraction"
Exhibition dates:15 April - 31 May 2015
Location:Moscow Museum of Modern Art
In Moscow opened a large-scale retrospective of one of the most important representatives of nonconformism Vladimir Nemukhin. Part of the exhibition is devoted to the Soviet-period artworks by Lydia Masterkova, Nemukhin's fellow-artist and partner for over a decade.
"The Contemporaries of the Future. Jewish artists in the Russin avant-garge. 1910 -1980"
Exhibition dates:25.03.2015 - 24.05.2015
Location:Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
The exhibition "The Contemporaries of the Future. Jewish artists in the Russin avant-garge. 1910 -1980" presents the work of 34 Jewish artists.
"Post Pop: East meets West"
Exhibition dates:26.11.2014 - 04.03.2015
Location:Saatchi Gallery, London
The Tsukanov Family Foundation and Saatchi Gallery open "Post Pop: East meets West".
"Eric Bulatov. SEE - LIVE"
Exhibition dates:09.09.2014 - 08.10.2014
Location:Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”
A personal exhibition of Erik Bulatov, dedicated to his 80th anniversary, opened at the Manezh Hall.
"PERSONAL CHOICE: Collectors' selections from their own collections"
Exhibition dates:14.02.2014 - 06.05.2014
Location:Museum of Contemporary Art GARAGE
Over twenty leading collectors from across the country have been invited to choose one significant artwork from their collection and share why they like it so much.
"Utopia and reality? El Lissitzky, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov"
Exhibition dates:17.09.2013 - 17.11.2013
Location:Multimedia Art Museum
A joint exhibition Kabakov and Lissitzky opened in Moscow .
Oscar Rabin. Graphics 1950s - 1960s
Exhibition dates:18.07.2013 - 08.09.2013
Location:Multimedia Art Museum
The Tsukanov Family Foundation and Multimedia Art Museum presents the exhibition "Oscar Rabin. Graphics 1950s - 1960s", which is timed to the 85th anniversary of the artist.
"Breaking the Ice: Moscow Art, 1960-80s"
Exhibition dates:20.11. 2012 - 24.02.2013
Location:Saatchi Gallery, London
The Tsukanov Family Foundation in collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery presents the exhibition "Breaking the Ice: Moscow Art, 1960-80s". The exhibition is scheduled to take place at the Saatchi Gallery, the Duke's HQ, The King's Road, London, from the 20th November 2012 till 24th February, 2013.
‘Mikhail Shvartsman’
Exhibition dates:13 March to 26 April 2009
Location:The State Russian Museum, The Tretyakov State Gallery, Aachen Museum (Germany)
The work of Mikhail Matveevich Shvartsman (1926-1997) has yet to reach a wider audience. The State Tretyakov Gallery and the Fund for the Inheritance of Mikhail Shvartsman present this exhibition entitled ‘Mikhail Shvartsman’.
‘Three lives. A reprospective’
Exhibition dates:29 October to 7 December 2008
Location:The Tretyakov State Gallery
The Tretyakov Gallery continues its series of monographic exhibitions which returns to Russian artistic life the classics from the non-conformism movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s by artists currently living outside Russia.
‘Time to collect…Russian art from foreign private collections’
Exhibition dates:14 February to 12 May 2008
Location:The State Russian Museum
The exhibition ‘Time to collect…Russian art from foreign private collections’ offers visitors a unique opportunity to see on display items which have until now been held in various collections around the world.