10/05/2019Oleg Kulik "Pigs", "Eclipce", "Elefant", "Walrus"
09/25/2019Oleg Kulik "Alice vs Lolita", "Eagles", "Seals", "Wolf"
05/15/2019Semyon Faibisovich "Two Suns”.
03/15/2019Eric Bulatov “Black Hole”, 1965
10/12/2018Komar and Melamid, “A Day and Night in the life of an Actress”.
06/05/2018Oleg Tselkov "Portrait of Group with Watermelon".
03/15/2018Ilya Kabakov "In the Park 1972"
12/15/2017Semen Faibisovich "Metamorphosis".
10/10/2017Oleg Kulik. Deep into Russia (1993), New Sermon (1994), Pavlov’s Dog (1996), Family of the Future(1997).
07/15/2017"AES - Witnesses of the Future. Islamic Project" (1996-2003)
06/25/2017AES + F “Panorama #4” from the series “Last Riot 2” (2006-2007). AES + F “Snow Elegy” from the series “Allegoria Sacra” (2011-2014)
06/19/2017Vadim Zakharov “As-3” (1988).
06/16/2017Sergei Volkov “The People” (1987) and “Medical Reference Book” (1989).
06/06/2017Lydia Masterkova “Composition with a Watermelon” (1962).
06/05/2017Leonid Sokov “Two Portraits” (1989).
05/25/2017Sergei Volkov “Window” (1987).
04/20/2017Oleg Tselkov “Portrait of Seamen” (1961).
11/29/2016New artworks by Yuri Zlotnikov and Francisco Infante-Arana.
11/07/2016Dmitry Plavinsky "Abstract Composition" (1960).
11/04/2016Oleg Tselkov "The Face" (1963) and "Circus" (1969).
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